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Eco Friendly Packaging

There is now more awareness about being more environmentally friendly. I use products that are mostly eco-friendly. The packaging that isn't can be reused in many forms.

Organza Bags

I love using purple organza bags instead of boxes for my products. When I made candles, I put them in organza bags.

The bags can be washed and used many times. They are beautiful. You can use them to put gifts in.

Packing Peanuts

I know that packing peanuts have a bad reputation. They were once bad for the environment. Now packing peanuts degrade naturally faster. You can also dissolve them using water. Or save them for when you need to protect items when you are shipping or packing to move.

I have only needed to buy packing peanuts once. The rest of my packing peanuts come from orders that have bought. When I buy bottles. soap bases, etc they are often packed with packing peanuts. I save them and re-use them.

Purple Crinkle Cut Paper

When I pack boxes for shipping the first layer is packing peanuts to provide product protection. The top layer is my signature purple color crinkle cut paper. I do recommend saving it a sandwich baggie or container. You can use it for decoration or for gifts.

Candle Vessels

If you have bought candle vessels from me, you know that I love fancy vessels. Please re-use them. You can store jewelry. You can pot plants. You can go to a place that lets you refill candle wax, etc. My candle vessels add beauty. Be creative.

Shipping box

This is the least reusable package because boxes can be tossed around during the shipping process. No worries. I always ship insured. Yes, you can find uses for the box. If not please recycle it.

I enjoy packaging my products just as much as I enjoy formulating products. Please enjoy finding new uses for the packaging.

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