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Why using a face serum is good for your skin

I recently finished a great course on advanced skincare formulation. I have prior formulation experience. The course that I took taught me a lot of great information. I want to share with you what I have learned.

I took the course through the School of Natural Skincare

What is a face serum's purpose?

Serums are usually lightweight products that are formulated to include high-performance active ingredients and deliver them to the skin. Serums are not designed to replace a moisturizer. Face serums are not an alternative to a moisturizer. Face serums are to be layered with your other products and to work with your moisturizer.

A serum is applied after cleansing and toning but before your usual moisturizer so that the active ingredients create a layer of treatment benefits between the skin and your moisturizer to follow. Serums are designed to be applied over the face and neck and can also be targeted specifically for the eye contour area.

Common face serum examples

They can offer a wide variety of functions and benefits.

Anti-aging/Age-defying- formulated to improve the texture of the skin for a more youthful look

Antioxidant – is designed to the free radicals to prevent skin cell damage

Anti-inflammatory/Soothing/Calming - calms down the irritated skin Soothes the skin.

Protective/Nourishing - protects the skin from further damage. Adds skin-nourishing ingredients.

Moisturizing -add a high concentration of moisturizing ingredients.

Firming/Toning – ingredients are designed to firm and tone the skin. Target sagging. Increases collagen production.

Brightening – target hyperpigmentation and discoloration.

Repair/Rejuvenating/Replenishing - has many functions to repair the skin. Soe of its functions includes reducing lines, anti-aging, hydrating, reducing dullness.

Oil Balancing – balances oily skin.

Hydrating- adds an extra boost of moisture. An example is a serum with hyaluronic acid.

Anti Wrinkle/Mature Skin- reduces wrinkles and lines. Can contain collagen.

Niacinamide – boost of B3. Increases skin resiliency, texture and reduces pore size. Balances oil production.

Exfoliating – gentle but effective skin exfoliation to prevent dullness. Gives your skin a glow.

Note: Face serums can contain a combination of ingredients to serve multiple functions.

I recommend learning what your skincare needs are. Know if you are allergic to any ingredients. Start trying out different face serums to see which one works for you.


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